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More than 80% of men experience some degree of male pattern baldness or alopecia. A system has been developed for classifying the pattern of hair loss called the Norwood Scale. The hair restoration specialists in Rochester at the Quatela Center can establish a treatment plan based on your age and pattern of hair loss. During your consultation, we review your family history and classification to determine if you are an appropriate candidate for follicular unit grafting (micro hair restoration). We see many patients with advanced alopecia hair loss from cities like Buffalo and Syracuse, NY, who are surprised to learn they may benefit from follicular unit grafting hair transplant surgery in combination with other treatments.

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Norwood Scale Hair Loss Classifications

Most patients have a pattern of hair loss resembling one of the seven groups described by the Norwood Scale. Although helpful, it is by no means comprehensive. An examination of the scalp is a necessary part of the hair restoration process. During this consultation, we determine classification, density and possible number of follicular units available for your hair restoration session.

class2Early recession in both temporal regions may be seen. Hair loss remains minimal along the central anterior hairline. This type may look “normal” on a 42-year-old, but greatly distresses a 22-year-old.


class3The temporal recessions extend more deeply. Some recession is also seen in the front hairline. Patients in Class 3 are typically in their 20s, 30s, or 40s and find dramatic improvement with as few as 1000 grafts.


class4The temporal recession extends very deeply and the frontal hairline is thinning and not nearly as wide. The frontal hairline begins to recede also from the crown of the head moving forward. This shows three zones of alopecia moving towards each other.


class5The three zones of alopecia have almost joined resulting in a deep temporal recession, an enlarging bald crown, and a small “island” or tuft on the front of the crown.


class6This classification is represented by complete or nearly complete zones of alopecia in the front, central and back area of the crown. A horseshoe-shaped zone of hair persists in the back of the head (occipital) and sides (parietal) of the head. The front hairline has receded toward the back of the head.


class7A thin rim of hair encircles the scalp. Many of these patients mistakenly believe that they are not candidates for treatment. In fact, follicular unit grafting (micro hair restoration) is an option.


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