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    Scalp Reduction

    This procedure can make a bald spot smaller and reduce the follicles needed for satisfying hair transplant results.

    Recovery Time:
    1 to 2 Weeks
    Resume Exercise:
    2 to 3 Weeks
    Noticeable Results:
    Final Results:
    3 to 6 Months

    Our experienced group of hair surgeons has performed more than 1,200 transplant procedures, and they understand that some patients have a limited number of viable follicles available for transplanting. In order to make the most of limited grafts and place them where they matter most, scalp reduction can be performed to reduce the area of balding scalp. This procedure removes a section of the scalp from the top of the head and brings the hair-bearing scalp on the sides together in the center.


    Scalp Reduction

    Case: 1 of 3
    Case: 1 of 3
    Before & After FUT Case 1001699 Front View in Rochester, Buffalo, & Syracuse, NY
    Before & After
    Case: 1 of 2

    Case #1001699

    Case Details:

    This patient had multiple follicular unit transplants, after scalp reduction surgery to lessen the area of the scalp with hair loss. Graft placement was focused on restoring the hairline and frontal scalp, as well as adding to the central portion of the head.  Read More


    Dr. Vito Quatela

    Procedures Performed:

    Scalp Reduction, Finasteride, Minoxidil, and 82F/M, Male Hairline and Central Density Hair Restoration, FUT


    Before & After Scalp Reduction Case 1056 View #1 View in Rochester, Buffalo, & Syracuse, NY
    Before & After
    Case: 2 of 2

    Case #1056

    Case Details:

    Scalp reduction and hair transplant with follicular unit transplantation (FUT). 1400 grafts.


    Dr. Vito Quatela

    Procedures Performed:

    Scalp Reduction



    Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

    Benefits of Scalp Reduction at the Quatela Center

    Scalp reduction provides people with significant hair loss the following benefits:

    • Reducing the area of hair loss on the scalp
    • Decreasing the amount of hair grafts needed for transplant
    • Providing satisfying hair transplant results with fewer grafts

    It’s important to understand that you may need multiple procedures for optimal results. Our surgeons often combine scalp reduction with follicular unit extraction (FUE) or follicular unit transplant (FUT) hair transplant surgery.

    Is Scalp Reduction Right for You?

    Ideal candidates for scalp reduction meet the following criteria:

    • Good skin elasticity
    • Moderate to significant balding at the crown of the head that has stabilized
    • Sufficient hair on the sides and back of the head

    Patients must be willing to accept that they will end up with a thin scar on top of the head that may be covered by the remaining hair or hair transplants.

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    Your Scalp Reduction Procedure

    Our surgeons perform scalp reduction as outpatient surgery using local anesthetic with IV sedation or general anesthetic. The surgeon begins by removing approximately 2 to 5 cm of scalp from the top of the head, which might encompass some or all of the balding area. In some patients, the surgeon may use scalp extenders to remove as much as 6 cm of the balding area. The opening is closed by bringing the edges of the incision together at the top of the head and suturing them together.

    Scalp Reduction Recovery Timeline

    Patients recover along the following general timeline (experiences vary):

    Day of surgery:Return home and rest.
    Day 3:Swelling and soreness dissipate.
    10 to 14 days:Sutures are removed.
    2 to 3 weeks:Return to work. Incision healed.
    3 to 6 months:Feeling of tightness eases. Final results attained.
    6 to 12 months: Scalp numbness fades.

    Follow your surgeon’s pre and post-operative instructions for proper healing and optimal results.

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    Recovery Tips for Optimal Results

    During your recovery, be sure to:

    • Always keep your head elevated, including while sleeping, to minimize swelling and discomfort
    • Drink plenty of water and other fluids
    • Avoid bending, heavy lifting, and rigorous exercise for the first 3 weeks
    • Resume exercise gradually when cleared by your surgeon
    • Keep the surgical area dry while the incision heals
    • Do not smoke or drink alcohol, as it interferes with the healing process
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    A Reputation Built on Results

    This is Your Surgeon - You Can Stop Looking ! Dr. Montague is not only incredibly talented, but also possesses what I feel is a rare quality of genuine kindness and understanding. he took his time and listened attentively to my conserves patiently answering all of my questions and making me feel comfortable. I felt as if I was his only patient and that he was listening and really making sure he could...
    Top-shelf Care! Dr. Montague has made my experience with my procedure and follow-up absolutely pleasurable. He really cares about how you feel every step of the way. He answers any questions I have,in a way that makes me feel at ease. If anyone is considering facial surgery, Dr. Montague is a sure bet for a great experience.
    Love my results and would recommend Dr. Montague and his team My experience with Dr. Montague and the Quatela Center was phenomenal. Dr. Montague was involved from day 1, answering all questions and being extremely attentive after the surgery. Any questions/concerns I had were immediately answered in terms/language I could understand, and I never felt embarrassed or silly for asking any questions....
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    How Much Does Scalp Reduction Cost in Rochester, NY?

    Scalp reduction procedure costs vary with the specifics of the surgery and individual patient factors. During your hair transplant consultation with one of our double board-certified facial plastic surgeons, you will receive a personalized price quote for your procedure.

    If you want to restore your own thicker, fuller, natural-looking hair, request your consultation online, or call the Quatela Center for Hair Restoration in Rochester, NY, to schedule.

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