FUE Using the Dutch Method

Quatela Center for Hair Restoration

As part of our ongoing commitment to continuous quality improvement, Dr. Quatela, Dr. Lee and the Quatela Center for Hair Restoration have updated the method by which they perform follicular unit extraction, or FUE.  The Dutch method, or WAW foot pedal system, has been adapted for FUE cases.  This method provides the physicians with a handheld, motorized system that employs the use of a trumpet-shaped punch which allows for more precise harvesting of quality grafts in a shorter period of time without the use of suction.  The procedure is still performed under local anesthetic with mild relaxant medications.

Benefits of the Dutch Method

In addition to allowing for greater control over the grafts harvested, patients have reported that the gentler method of acquiring grafts has made it more comfortable than other methods they have undergone.  Our providers and staff have noticed patients have less complaints of pain with this method of FUE.  Less discomfort during the procedure and donor site healing times that have been decreased by several days in many patients have made this process our choice to provide exceptional, natural-looking results in those who choose FUE.  We continue to support follicular unit transplantation, or FUT, for patients who require the strip technique to ensure optimal donor site availability or who prefer a more traditional approach.

For more information about this and other procedures and options for hair loss, call our office at (585) 244-0323 to speak to a Patient Consultant.

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