How I Fought Back Against Hair Loss

Results may vary. The opinions expressed below are those of one patient based on his personal experience with hair loss and the mentioned products. A personal consultation is essential to develop a comprehensive plan to treat each individual’s specific hair loss needs.

Just like the products that we use on our skin are important, so are those that we use in our hair. Hair loss affects two-thirds of men by age 35 and more than 50% of women. Thankfully, there are options to treat hair loss and thinning, and we have choices at both the Quatela Center for Hair Restoration and Q Med Spa.

How I Started: Researching Hair Loss Medication


I believe the first thing that’s most important in tackling men’s hair loss is to start with your internal biological chemistry. I was able to achieve this by researching to find out what the benefits of the prescription Finasteride can do to help with men’s hair loss. After looking into this more, I was able to find out that men who were prescribed this for other medical reasons had noticed significant hair growth in just a few months.

Once I saw the results in other men who had similar issues with hair growth, I thought I would give it a try and was surprisingly pleased. After a few months, I could see an abundance of new hair growth within my hair line and thickening throughout the rest. I would have never thought something so easy would be so effective.


In August of 2021, I was introduced to and educated about a product we offer called Nutrafol. I was told about a quiz on Nutrafol’s website to see which product would be best for me. Long story short, I took the quiz and bought the product generated by my answers. Around two weeks after I started using the Nutrafol Men’s Dual Action, I noticed tremendously less shedding during my morning routine. Normally, I would see 10 hairs or so in my hand after shampooing. Literally within 10-14 days, I would maybe find 2 on my hand.

Then, within 4-6 months, the changes were abundantly apparent for me, and the combination of the two has been beyond effective. My hair line is thicker and no longer receding, and the thickness I have throughout has doubled. At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if my hair a year from now is as thick as it once was in my early 20’s.  

Take the First Step: Invest in Learning About Your Options

Let’s face it, losing your hair at any age is an ultimate hit to your self-confidence. If you are someone who struggles with hair loss, I highly recommend talking to your doctor about medication options and purchasing the Nutrafol product that’s right for you. Be sure to stay consistent with both the prescription and Nutrafol.

If you are ready to address hair loss and thinning, follow these steps to start on your journey:

  • Do some research and try to educate yourself on all available options.
    • After educating yourself, make an appointment with our hair restoration surgeons to see which medication or product is right for you.
  • If it’s recommended that you take Nutrafol, you can purchase it at Q Med Spa (if you don’t live locally, we can mail this out to you at no extra cost). When purchased through our on-site medical spa, you get a 3-month supply instead of a 1-month supply.
  • The final step is to take everything as instructed. You’ll want to be as routine as possible for the best results. If you are taking a Nutrafol product that comes with a serum (which smells great and dries fast), be sure to use that as instructed, too. Make sure you are attending your appointments as well so that your progress can be tracked and any necessary adjustments made.

We offer a medication management program for those who are not yet ready for surgical intervention or those who are looking to enhance their surgical hair restoration results. For more information about hair loss and the options available, contact our hair loss center online or call 585.244.0323.

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