The latest surgical option for hair loss, FUE with the NeoGraft™ system

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Hair loss is common, affecting approximately 40 million men and 21 million women, but that does not make it any less embarrassing or frustrating.  In the past, the options that were available were not always natural-looking or best suited for each patient.  Fortunately, there are now safe, long-term solutions for hair loss using each individual’s own hair.  The Quatela Center for Hair Restoration offers the most advanced, state-of-the-art options available to accommodate each person’s unique situation and treatment needs.  If you are looking for a customized approach to restore your confidence, read below for more information about one of the surgical options available, follicular unit extraction (FUE) using the NeoGraft™ system.

FUE with the NeoGraft™ system is ideal for patients who wear their hair short or have had previous hair transplants.  It offers minimal scarring with no incision, no sutures, and can be customized to any hair style or length.  As with all hair restoration surgery, most patients experience little discomfort, minimal downtime, and some patients may return to work the following day (depending on the nature of your job).

FUEBefore and 5 months After FUE Procedure
26 year old male, 2000 grafts
Results by Dr. Vito Quatela

The main difference with the NeoGraft™ system versus the traditional FUT or strip method is the removal of the grafts.  During the FUE procedure a specific NeoGraft™ hand piece is used to remove hair follicles using circular punches.  Grafts are then separated by hand in the same way that they are during the FUT procedure and then placed into the thinning or balding area of the scalp or eyebrows.  Each graft is placed with precise attention to the angle of natural hair growth to ensure natural-looking results that blend with the existing hair.

Generally it takes 4-6 months to see new hair growth after any hair transplant procedure.  Final results are assessed one year after the procedure.  Additional transplants or non-surgical options are also available to complement results.

The Quatela Center for Hair Restoration caters to all patients by also offering FUT, follicular unit transplantation, as another surgical option.  This procedure is performed similarly except that a strip is taken from the back of the head to yield the grafts.  Just as they are during FUE surgery, the grafts are separated and placed by hand for precise, natural-looking results.  Patients will experience minimal downtime and discomfort, while still enjoying the benefits of a personalized result.

ronald turner b and a LB REVBefore and After FUT Procedure
27 year old male, 2200 grafts
Results by Dr. Vito Quatela

When choosing your hair transplant surgeon, it’s important to look at both the credentials and experience of the physician as well as before and after photos of their patients.  Dr. Quatela works with a dedicated hair restoration team solely based at the Quatela Center with over 30 years of experience.  They have worked alongside Dr. Quatela for years, and are proficient in both the FUT and FUE surgical options.  With Dr. Quatela’s experience in both the artistic and scientific side of hair loss, he offers quality results for both men and women.  He is a diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

If you are interested in learning more about hair loss and the options available to you, visit our website at or call (585) 244-0323 to speak to a Patient Consultant.

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